Reserve Order Info

A 'reserve' order is an order that you choose when it ships, this is how it works:

The 'reserve' order option is chosen by you at checkout, or forced when placing an order that contains a pre-order. Your order will be placed in your own reserve section at Redeye that you can add to and ship from whenever you wish. If there is any postage to pay you do that at when you ship. The benefit of it being a 'reserve' order is that you can then add anything to it while you wait for the pre-orders to become available.

To ship your reserves you just follow the 'Send my available reserves' link on the 'MY ACCOUNT' page.
There will not be anything in your basket as you are not ordering any records.

Make sure you have nothing in your basket before you go to your account page to ship your reserves or it will not work.

If you want to ship them with something else then just checkout the new order and all your available reserve records will automatically be shipped with your new order.

If there is a pre-order record that has not been released when you ship your reserves it will go into your reserve section once it has been released. This will then be sent next time you ship your reserve items .You will have paid the postage on it already from shipping your previous reserve order(s).

How to send your Reserve Orders

  1. Ensure that your basket is empty
  2. In the navigation panel, go to My Account and then Send Reserve Orders
  3. Click on the Send My Reserves button in the page that loads