I first met Steve as he was known to me then in the late 80's, he'd been in the same junior football team as my step brothers. A few years later Redeye opened and he'd come into the shop enthused about a tune he'd heard out raving or on a tape. We'd play him a few more as our taste (Duncan AKA Spirit and I) and his were very similar. Digi always had an ear for something a little bit out there but tough which would trash you when you were mashed.

A couple of years later on I suppose although I'm not really sure he was telling us that he was going into the studio with some other locals and mates and learning to make his own tunes. An Emu sampler was purchased and his life as a professional musician was born.

It's now 20 years from the first Digital release, in between there are a stack of classics you will all know well and that's all gravy but Stephen Carr is today knocking out in my opinion the best Jungle/D&B that there is. Rejection is my favourite tune for ages, it's been the sound of Redeye for ages now and it will be a standard forever more.

As you may notice we don't review records or highlight anything as you lot know more than we do and we want you all to have your own little journey though music. This is not about promoting Digital, this is about giving a mate a Big up!

Maximum respect. Tom.

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